About Us

We are the sole retailer/supplier of the Rumbux Brand and we are based in Thatcham, near Reading in Berkshire, United Kingdom supplying customers in the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada.

Rumbux Specialise in the design and manufacture of front and rear protection bars for dual propose motorcycles.

They have 3 unique features; firstly the full spec endurance protection bars is a 3 part system, consisting of a upper bar, engine protection cage and a integrated bash plate.

Rumbux protection bars are directly mounted to the frame of the motorcycle and not to the engine. This offers maximum protection for the engine, gearbox and upper areas of the motorcycle.

The design compliment the styling of the motorcycle, offering you a product which reserves the economic characteristics of the motorcycle.

We will be looking into adding motorcycle accessories on our website soon.

We are Driven by Passion and Service.