ATG – Multi-Activity 20L + 2L Hydration Backpack – Black


This backpack uses the advanced and technical material Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and in addition, comes with a hydration bladder so you can keep hydrated while you take on the world

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This backpack uses the advanced and technical material Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and in addition, comes with a hydration bladder so you can keep hydrated while you take on the world

The roll top closure means the backpack is 100% dust-proof, mud-proof and sand-proof, and can withstand rain, water jets and quick submersions in water.

The ATG backpack legend continues with this unique waterproof day pack which offers the best of both worlds allowing you to keep your goods dry and quick access to your drink of choice while on the go. The backpack offers a comfortable soft ventilated back carrying system with adjustable shoulder, waist and chest straps. High-quality vibration welded seamless construction and a roll top closure ensures our backpack is 100% dust-proof and waterproof and is suitable for quick submersion in water.


Water adventure sports: canoeing, kayaking, yachting, rafting, surfing, parasailing, sailing, windsurfing.

Offroad adventure sports: cycling, hiking, 4×4 adventures, motorcycle tours, horse-riding, cave and mountain climbing.

Keep valuables dry or insulate wet clothing and equipment

Apart from the superb outdoor capabilities of these robust and weatherproof bags. They also make great travel and business bags. Protect your valuables, cameras, notebooks, phones and important business documents

This bag includes the hydration bladder so now while you do all the above activities you can have your favorite drink on board


Vibration welded using 420D Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for strength and durability

• TPU is lightweight but has high abrasion, puncture and tear resistance and has low-temperature pliability

• TPU is eco-friendly and fully recyclable

• The back support is padded and ventilated

• High visibility reflective patches on bag and shoulder straps

• IP66 rated roll-top bag against water and dust ingress (refer IP International ratings)

• Floats when dropped in water, can handle quick submersions

• Padded shoulder straps

• Adjustable shoulder, chest straps, and waist belt

• Chest strap buckle doubles as a whistle in case of an emergency

• Top carry handle

• Large external zip pocket

• Front tie down points for water bottles or support bags

• Air Valve for easy closure or to blow up bag for buoyancy

• 2l hydration bladder, with screw cap and 1m hose

• Hose has screw in fitting to the bladder and self-sealing sprung nozzle system for drinkingDimensions:VOLUME: 20litre roll top + 2litre hydration bladder

DIMENSIONS: D 25cm x H 45cm x W 30cm

WEIGHT: 750 grams

Why do we prefer TPU fabric for ATG products:

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fabric is preferred by extreme travelers, adventurers and sports enthusiast for its superior toughness, outstanding abrasion, impact and tear resistance. In addition, the fabric is recyclable. Our products constantly have to endure the abuse and use by our customers and therefore need to be of the highest quality.


High tear, abrasion and puncture resistance. Equal to that of PVC

Outstanding low-temperature performance. Rubber like elasticity

Higher oil, solvents and grease resistance compared to PVC

More environmentally friendly than PVC and recyclable

Excellent UV resistance. Product colour will not fade over time

Superior abrasive resistance compared to PVC.

Note: All outdoor products age and wear with tough use. Treat your gear with care!


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